Monday, March 1, 2010

PAK FA to make 2,000 flights before production starts

Russia's fifth-generation jet fighter, the T-50, is to undergo more than 2,000 flight tests before full-scale production starts, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Monday."Before the jet goes into production, it should complete over 2,000 test flights," Putin said.He also said now that Russia had a fifth-generation prototype fighter, it should start working on a new-generation long-range strategic bomber that he described as "an airborne missile-carrier."A source at the Sukhoi aircraft maker said earlier in the day the T-50 would start on a standard flight test program in April, adding it would take "several years" to complete the testing program.A prototype of the fighter made a 47-minute maiden flight in Russia's Far East on January 29.....................................Full Story


In sharp contrast to JSF's "paralleled production-flight test" model. I would put my faith in Sukhoi's approach any day.

Even 2,000 sounds a bit shine of what it should have been, given the proposed sophistication of the design that PAK FA is envisioned to become.

But, yeah, that's much better than JSF's build-as-you-flight-test-it approach.

An interesting follow-up article on T-50 team plans on meeting the demanding deadline while completing necessary flight tests:

"More Sukhoi T-50s To Fly In Next 12 Months"

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