Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Two Korean Air Force F-5 jets crash in drill, 3 pilots presumed dea

Two Korean Air Force F-5 fighter jets crashed into a mountain yesterday 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) west of the city of Gangneung, Gangwon. Body parts that were presumed to belong to the dead pilots were found near Daegwallyeong in Gangwon’s Pyeongchang County.“In the middle of a search and rescue mission, investigators collected some body parts, clothes and boots,” said a defense official who requested anonymity. “We are assuming that all the pilots died from the accident. It will take some time to confirm the identity of the dead pilots since bodies are damaged in jet crashes.”...............................joongangdaily


Most likely controlled flight into terrain (CFIT). Condolences.

On a separate note, RoKAF fighter pilots need to get more hands-on hour/month training. The NATO minimum: 180 hours/year (15/month) to maintain the perishable skills but you need twice as many hours to stay proficient and combat ready.

JASDF fighter pilot's training syllabus calls for some 50+ hours per month.

@ 2010

Do u have a link to the JASDF fighter pilot's training syllabus? I can't imagine someone spend 600 hours training per year. 50 hours per month is a lot, that's like 3 times more than USAF F-16 pilot is getting.

Yes, indeed.

TRY... 'Google.'

Thanks, but if you don't have it, it is ok to say no.

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