Thursday, March 4, 2010

USS McInerney Frigate to Sail for Karachi by the End of This Year

Pakistan will be paying the United States atleast $78 million to acquire a 30 year old Oliver Perry class frigate.The first 30 year old frigate is expected to sail for Karachi by the end of this year as Pakistan continues to negotiate for acquiring five more Oliver Perry class frigates from the US.Sources in Pakistan Navy told DawnNews that the 30 year old frigate, USS McInerney, was put on the US Navy’s inactivation list September last year. It will fly the Pakistani flag after retirement in September this year...........................................Dawn


Pak is getting ships quicker than india , even though this ship is older it is highly upgraded by usa so its effective

@ tushar....
firstly try to open up ur mind !!!!! Pak navy gets the frigate at the cost of a few million dollars!!!! secondly pakistan can always upgrade ( harpoon 2)etc and tushar look at the statement u made ur patrol boats are better!!!! see the history of oliver class frigates.... they were the hardest to sink during gulf wars!!!! read the history and tell me american navy is so idiot that it has a big working fleets of this class and the patrol boats can sink it!!!!!
tushar everyone knows that india can only use patrol boats because ur aircraft carrier will never come out as it never did against pakistan and ur submarines will remain in the drydocks till it is obsoleted......
and about the money thing ,,,try to buy some new aircrafts everything is falling apart!!! and try to pay also ur army officers because india has short fall of 30,000 officers in the indian army and not to mention the manning ratio of the IAF!!!!! fix that with money and then come !!!!! and lastly.... please give the source where u read it wont be upgraded!!!!!

@ tushar
from the SU 30 page induction of aircrafts...... this is my reply to u @ tushar ....
tere maa ko chodu bhosri kay gandu dalay ki auladd!!!! tujhe bara pata hai mujre ka,,, kia tere khandan ka business hai yeh randi ki aulaad !!!!! tere MAA BI us randi seeta ki tarah hai jis ki MAHA bharat hai har kisi nay gand mari bhosrikay!!!! aik ajmal kasab ghuse k tere dharte MAA k under us ka baladkar kia woh b viagra le k !!!! pehle apne mulk ko dekh gandu ki aulad !!!!! tere MAA to bahnchod mujrah kerti ho gi moasits k samne aur nexels kay sanmne !!!! inbred fucked up indian!!!! tu unlogon main jis ko apne BAAP ka b nai pata ,,, kia kaha jaye tere MAA ko b nai pata!!! kia pata tera baap subha wala ho ya sham wala ya raat wala !!!!!!
and now about terrorism!!!!! india is the biggest terrorist!!!! u attacked junagarh a muslim state, cross border terrorism!!!! then kashmir!!!! then 71 bangladesh then 83 operation meghdoot,,,then LTTE!!!! chute k dhakan!!!! agar apni abade dekh to india has 1 billion population!!! with 27 sepratest movements which indians call terrorism !!!! by those stats india has the largest amount off terrorists in its country!!!!

I would like to thank you for
sharing your thoughts and time into the stuff you post!! Thumbs up

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